Who are you? There are multiple facets to that question and your personal style is just one.

Here you are given the chance to bring your true inner self to reflect your outer self.  There is no dress-up, there is only dressing for your body shape and personality.

In one of the multiple consultations I offer, you will learn what colors best compliment you and how your facial structure determines best patterns. I will show how to reveal or conceal your particular features and so much more! This frees you from the challenges of getting dressed and allows you to walk confidently through life! 

In complete privacy, I offer a fun, relaxed, and supportive space for you to showcase your style and develop your personal image. 

‘Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life’ – Bill Cunningham




Have you ever wondered why you get so many compliments on a particular garment?  Could it be the fit, the color or maybe both?  Color is quite possibly one of the most underrated yet most important keys to our personal style.  During your consultation, we will review and analyze the undertone of your skin by using color swatches to determine the colors that are most complimentary.  At the end of your consultation, you will receive a written summary of recommendations and colors for your reference. 


Treat your body as if it belongs to someone you love.

During your consultation, we will review your completed image questionnaire as well as learn about the shape of your body and the shape of your face.  You will then learn how to best play off of all your features. We will also review a variety of garment styles that are most flattering to you. For your reference, you will receive a written summary of these findings.


Full assessment of your current wardrobe including fit, condition, and suitability of your clothes will be done in complete privacy. You will receive a written summary of recommendations for refining, updating & filling any wardrobe gaps. Minimum 4 hours.  Additional hours charged on hourly basis.


Need to go shopping? I will accompany you on a shopping trip to assist with the selection of clothing and accessories to create a new wardrobe and/or complement an existing one all while staying within a pre-determined budget. Shopping will be done at your preferred stores and specialty stores chosen by me.  Minimum 3 hours.  Additional hours charged on hourly basis.


I will shop unaccompanied for recommended pieces to fill identified gaps and/or update your wardrobe according to recommendations developed during the Wardrobe Assessment session.  Minimum 3 hours.  Additional hours charged on hourly basis.


I will reorganize your clothing and accessories to help save you time and make it easier to find the items you want. This includes recommendations for hangers, fixtures, etc...Minimum 3 hours. Additional hours charged on hourly basis.


About Me

Hi, my name is Lindsey and I’m an Image Consultant working in the Washington DC area.

Eleven years ago, I was given afforded an opportunity to work for one of the top ten-luxury retailers in the world.  Observing fashion firsthand and how beautiful it can be paled in comparison to watching clients’ awe-inspiring transformation with just the right garment, color, and fit.

Playing a supportive role in matching a clients internal feelings with their outward appearance, turned into a passion. In 2014, I received my certification in Image Consulting. I furthered my education by taking multiple courses and Color Intensive trainings from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.



Lindsey, has this incredible knack to take fashion, fit, and colors and combine them into a stylish, confidence-building, easy-to-understand personal standard. Like a master baker, Lindsey knows the perfect little pinch and touch that will take your look to the next level. I guarantee, once you have spent time with Lindsey you feel a sense of self...a new confidence in how you look that sends an outward message of your inner beauty.
— Kimberly M
I’ve had top-notch professional image advice before and benefited from its incredible value. No exaggeration - it was a life changer. What I did not understand until working with Lindsey Taub, was how important it was to refresh that advice periodically. No surprise really, our body shape and ability to carry off different colors changes with age!

I recommend Lindsey to all my friends who care about their image, and would definitely return to her again.

Lindsey is making the world a better place, one confident beautiful woman at a time.
— Nora S.
I was gushing to my friends and family about my experience. I have never felt more body positive in my life. So much so I was bragging to my family about you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
— Megan M


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