What They've Said...

“Lindsey’s advice is invaluable giving me a major style upgrade and incredible boost in my confidence. This was never more evident than when I was walking through the lobby of the posh St. Regis Hotel and a couple of ladies, who had come in for afternoon tea, approached me thinking that I was the hotel hostess with my professional look.”

-Sarah M.


"Lindsey, has this incredible knack to take fashion, fit, and colors and combine them into a stylish, confidence-building, easy-to-understand personal standard. Like a master baker, Lindsey knows the perfect little pinch and touch that will take your look to the next level. I guarantee, once you have spent time with Lindsey you feel a sense of self...a new confidence in how you look that sends an outward message of your inner beauty."

-Kimberly M.


"I’ve had top-notch professional image advice before and benefited from its incredible value. No exaggeration - it was a life changer. What I did not understand until working with Lindsey Taub, was how important it was to refresh that advice periodically. No surprise really, our body shape and ability to carry off different colors changes with age!

I recommend Lindsey to all my friends who care about their image, and would definitely return to her again.

Lindsey is making the world a better place, one confident beautiful woman at a time."

-Nora S.


"I was gushing to my friends and family about my experience. I have never felt more body positive in my life. So much so I was bragging to my family about you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!"

-Megan M.