a list of advocates and experts


Founded in 1987, the Chicago Gender Society provides outreach, education, support, and social functions for its members, guests, allies, supporters, the broader transgender community and general public.

My Feminine Heart is a Sisterhood of all women and those with a feminine spirit (including but not limited to cis gendered, trans women, gender non-conformists and all those who love sisterhood in the LGBTQ+ rainbow) who come together to share their love, community and expertise in helping trans women live their best, most authentic lives.



Usually held annually in March, Keystone has been among the fastest growing conference in the country.  Drawing over 700 participants, Keystone includes four full days of education, social activity and friendship. You won't find a better value for your dollar at any other trans event or gender conference in the U.S.

Trans Advocacy Pennsylvania is a duly created, federally recognized, non-profit corporation and we are the first exclusively statewide transgender action organization to be formed in the Commonwealth of  Pennsylvania!